PT Gearindo Prakarsa is celebrating its 28th Anniversary in 2021

New Tagline was introduced: “Good to Great”

New Tagline was introduced: “Good to Great”

In celebrating its 28th anniversary, PT Gearindo Prakarsa has installed banners in the main office and its Workshop in Setu.  These are the main services that Gearindo is providing:  Engineering and Construction, Fabrication & Installation, Repair & Maintenance, Blasting & Painting, Rigging and Lifting.

Since the anniversary date was on Sunday, the celebration was conducted on Monday, 4th of October in the Main Lobby of the Head Office in Jl. Radin Inten 2 No. 46 Duren Sawit, East Jakarta and simultaniously it was conducted in other various locations: Surabaya, Luwuk dan Bekasi connected using teleconferencing via Zoom.


In her speech, Ibu Dian Hesti Setiawati, the President Director of PT Gearindo Prakarsa mentioned that although we are in the middle of the pandemic year, a lot of achievements have been made in the year 2021 among others:

Gearindo has performed and executed all the work in a safe, reliable, maintainable, accessible, operable and efficient manner.

Meanwhile, this year PT Gearindo has successfully completed the contract with PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) ONWJ in January this year, we are also entering the 5th year in providing Maintenance Contract with PT Donggi Senoro LNG ini Luwuk, and we have a 5 (five) year service contract with Premier Oil Indonesia starting June this year.

A New Tagline

A new tagline for 2021-2022 was announced that being good is not enough and we want to be great, so continuous improvements need to be made to achieve from “Good to Great”!!

Ibu Dian Hesti accompanied by Bpk Diandoko and Ibu Djarwati in the traditional ceremony “potong tumpeng” to show grateful of what we have, to be safe in our journey to achieve great, safe, and successful activities in the years to come.

We are all committed to be

"Good "

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