Challenges In Providing Services During the Pandemic Year In 2020-2021

Mid March 2020, the Government announced the outbreak of the severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus which is known as COVID-19. It is consedered as a very serious disease and precautions of spreading have to be made.

To ensure that all business activities can continue and operate safely, we all must comply with the Health Protocols (3M). A Special Committee (Satgas) Covid-19 in PT Gearindo Prakarsa was established to ensure compliance and health prevention within all company work locations.

Since then, a new normal was introduced: Additional PPE (mask) for those working in the field locations, limitations of employees working in the office as regulated by the Government and some employees have to work from home (WFH) and video-conferencing meetings has become routines.

Meanwhile, daily employee monitoring system using Google Forms was conducted to ensure employees are always fit and ready to work to provide services to our clients. Online approvals started to be implemented using ERP and HRIS programs to minimize physical contacts.

maintain and deliver high quality services

During the pandemic year, PT Gearindo Prakarsa has to ensure the ability to provide the Services for the Operations and Maintenance for all Clients as outlined in the contract.  Therefore, compliance, monitoring system and continuous improvements have to be made to ensure the Company can maintain and deliver high quality services safely to our customers by qualified and healthy employees.

With coordination with the Clients, prior to mobilization to the field locations employees must be monitored their whereabouts during their OFF days and if necessary home quarantine is applied.  As requested by the clients, PCR test have to be conducted before mobilization and quarantine is also required prior to working in the operational areas.  Vaccinations have been mandatory for all employees to ensure health protection.

Health Protocol Is Mandatory

Health Protocol (wearing mask, wash hands and social distancing) are mandatory in all work locations.  Safety briefings are frequently conducted to ensure all employees can work safely and be healthy.  Meeting and briefings with Clients are also conducted to ensure all assignments are completed as scheduled effectively and efficiently, safely and healthy.

PT Gearindo Prakarsa successfully completed the removal and installation of a seperator in X-Ray Platform Pertamina EP Region III offshore Cirebon in 2020-21.

PT Gearindo Prakarsa Successfully completed the execution of Barge Campaign Project (BCP) in April-Augus 2021 in Premier Oil in Natuna Sea


Health protocols is mandatory during the pandemic period even in the very remote working area.  PT Gearindo is closely inThis is the situation involved to ensure in having healthy working condition during the BCP project in Natuna sea in 2021.

DS LNG Major Turn-Around

Successfully supporting the Donggi Senoro LNG Major Turn-Around (Overhaul) in September 2021. Gearindo has supported and prepared all resources including personnel ready for quarantine compliant with Company’s latest Covid 19 protocols prior to offshore mobilization.

Safety and Health briefing is routinely conducted during the DS LNG Major Turn-Around in September 2021.

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